Tuck in: The top 5 food stops in Granada

  1. Los Diamantes (Plaza Nueva)

If you´re a fan of fish and seafood you will be in heaven! Los Diamantes will appear in almost every guidebook you come across! They specialise in fish and seafood but also have other things to offer (Including sheep brain, but I don´t think this is very popular!). As in all bars in Granada, when you buy a drink they will bring you a plate of tapas which then gets bigger and better with each drink you buy! Here, you can go from anchoas (small fried fish, served whole) to a plate of whole gambas (king prawns!). The prices here are very reasonable and the quality is fantastic; all fresh and extremely tasty!

Gambas at Los Diamantes

2. La Buena Vida

My first experience here was watching the football: Spain vs. Brazil! The atmosphere was so fantastic that I had to go back the following day! The tapas here is delicious and they offer numerous different types alongside your drinks (which are very well priced!). My personal favourite is rulo de cabra con miel (Goats cheese served with bread and local honey!). This is a very friendly, local bar and I guarantee you that you will have to visit more than once!

La Buena Vida

3. Los Italianos

This ice cream shop is located on Gran Vía de Colón, almost opposite the Cathedral. This has got to be the best ice cream shop I have ever been to. They offer many flavours including traditional Spanish turrón, pineapple, kiwi, truffle…and even ice cream cakes! The prices range from 1eu up to 12eu. An average small tub is 1eu20 and is perfect for eating whilst wandering the beautiful streets of Granada!

Los Italianos

4. Baraka

Baraka is a lovely little treasure hidden within the maze of Calle Elvira, Calle Calderería Nueva and Calle Calderería Vieja. A bustling host of shops and teterías that you can explore at the foot of the Albaycín! This is a very small restaurant but the food is divine. The atmosphere is very relaxed, making it perfect for a drink, a snack, a meal or for shisha. Offering many Arabic specialities, I would definitely recommend this place! All of the meat here is halal too.


5. La Qarmita

If you are looking for something off the tourist trail, I would definitely recommend La Qarmita. Here you will find a quirky little bookshop-cum-café, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the main city centre streets. Serving up delicious coffees with a choice of many different dairy-free milks, a number of different delicious teas and of course, homemade cakes and sweet treats. The walls are lined with books, so feel free to have a read! They are for sale, so treat yourself.



2 responses to “Tuck in: The top 5 food stops in Granada

  1. Nice list! Though how you’ve whittled it down to just five I don’t know! I’d have Om Kalsum, Poe, Babel and Café Futbol in there too! The latter purely for their churros con chocolate!

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